Aussie Whisky Get Together I Tasting Pack: Overeem, Iniquity, Spring Bay, 5Nines

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A tasting pack for our inaugural Aussie Whisky Get Together series, which brings together distillers from around the country. 

The Aussie Whisky Get Together is a series of virtual tasting by The Oak Barrel featuring whisky distillers from all over the country. Whisky samples are packaged up into gift boxes - thanks to the excellent team at Nip Of Courage - and sent around Australia so you can drink along and share a dram amongst the stories. Whiskies featured are often new releases or special and limited editions.

The pack contains:


30ml Overeem Port Cask Matured 43%
30ml Iniquity Anomaly Series - The Merlot 51%
30ml Spring Bay Wine Cask Matured Chardonnay/Apera 46%
30ml 5Nines French Oak Pinot Single Cask 49.4% 

Total of 120ml at an average of 47.35%.

October 2020 Featured:

Overeem, Tasmania

The famous Tasmanian distillery is now back under family ownership! Jane and Mark Sawford will take us through a remarkable year for the distillery and what the future holds. From Overeem we'll be tasting the latest cask of their Port Cask Matured expression

Iniquity, South Australia

Back on our screens is South Australia's happiest distiller - Ian Schmidt. Co-founder and owner of Tin Shed Distillery, they produce Iniquity single malt. We're very lucky to be previewing a new release from the Anomaly Series - The Merlot. Our first chance to try this, this is a release that we expect to see hit the market mid-to-late October this year.

Spring Bay, Tasmania

One of Tassie's best kept secrets, we've locked in star distiller Dean Jackson to talk about a new release from their Wine Cask Matured series - a Chardonnay/Apera matured expression. For us one of the most consistent 'new' Tassie distilleries, this sounds very interesting on the label and we certainly are excited to try anything Dean's had his hands on.

5Nines, South Australia

A brand new distillery which would have launched at Sydney Whisky Fair 2020 if it were to go ahead, distilled David Pearse has selected a single cask from their 'Select Cask' series for their first tasting with The Oak Barrel. A French oak, ex-pinot noir cask - this is just barrel #60 from the distillery's output.

Oak Barrel Tasting Packs 

The Oak Barrel has been running a number of virtual tastings throughout 2020, connecting lovers of great drinks from around Australia and the world. While these sell out, we do keep some tasting packs back for presenters or as ‘emergency’ back-ups (in case things go missing or get damaged in transit).

We’re now releasing those extra packs, which contain some truly outstanding and premium drams, for sale and you can re-live the live tasting below. 

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