An Intro to Sicilian Wine Virtual Tasting with Paolo Sandri (Thur 9 July)

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The Oak Barrel is excited to announce our next virtual wine tasting! In an effort to promote social distancing, we're bringing the Oak Barrel tasting experience to a virtual space. 

Our next instalment will focus on the incredible wines of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a vast range of microclimates and soils.

Making wine since 4000BC, Sicily has been hugely influential in not only Italian winemaking but Europe as a whole, it's warm, coastal climate with good rainfall year round it makes for an ideal organic farming region.

Whilst historically quality wine from Sicily has only been associated with Marsala, today this is certainly not the case. Thanks to the passionate work of several producers over the last 50 years, they have managed to revitalise many indigenous varieties and identify a number of different subregions across the island to farm the best vineyards.

What we'll be trying 

Funaro Gatto Bianco 2018
Funaro Fontana dei Grilli Perricone 2016

How the tasting will work

Each ticket includes 1 bottle each of these wines. Tickets will be sold for $70, $63 for Oak Barrel members, including delivery to your door. (the wines in store retail for $80 so that's a pretty good deal on it's own!)

We’ll be sending out those packs from Friday 3 July, to ensure that we can get them everywhere they need to be.

Then on Thursday 9 July we’ll go live with Convivium Wine's Paolo Sandri, Saint Wine's Sarah Birch, and the Oak Barrel's Joe Perry to discuss the history, climate, wine styles and so much more of this iconic region

That will be live streamed through Zoom and The Oak Barrel’s Facebook and Youtube page as we field your comments and questions from around Australia.

We recommend between 90-120ml pours for the tasting event, so you’ll have plenty of wine left over after the night.

The live stream video will be posted after the live event concludes - so you can do the tasting at your leisure. But if you want to follow along live, we recommend ordering by Friday 3 July. 

WHAT: An Intro to Sicilian Wine Virtual Tasting with Paolo Sandri
WHERE: Your house
WHEN: Thursday 9 July, 6.00pm
PRICE: $63 for members and $70 guests

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