Adelphi Brisbane Fusion Whisky

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A historic release for the Australian whisky scene as Melbourne's Starward has been vatted with Scottish single malts as part of Adelphi's Fusion series.

The only blended malt series of its type, Fusion by Adelphi has seen whiskies from countries including Japan, India, The Netherlands and now Australia merged with Scotch to create awesome blended malts and honour famous Scotsman.

This release is named after Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, a soldier and astronomer, who succeeded Lachlan Macquarie as the sixth Governor of New South Wales. Brisbane held the post for four years but his impact will likely last forever - Brisbane is named after him and he built the country's first full-equipped observatory in Parramatta.

Some of the earliest casks filled at Starward have been utilised in this blend, with whiskies from Glen Garioch and Glen Grant also in the mix. There are 924 bottles in the world.

A complex, alluring dram, the fresh ripe fruits so associated with Starward are given a sophisticated, refined backbone with the Glen Garioch base.

This is also the first release to adopt Adelphi's block-chain technology of transparency in whisky. A QR code on the back of each bottle will lead you to the most specific information about the release you could hope to know from barley strains down to who bottled it and when.

Because of this, we have some excellent information about the components of the Brisbane:

From Glen Garioch casks #3732 and #3736, both ex-sherry hogsheads were blended with Glen Grant's cask #9174, an ex-sherry butt. Once blended there were 313.8 litres of whisky, which was mainly Glen Garioch with just a 2.8 litre splash of Glen Grant.

From Starward casks #86 a 100-litre apera (sherry), #333 a 100-litre apera and #574 a 200-litre apera were used in the release.

Released at 57.5%.

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